JANUARY 1st, 2011

New website launched as per KUHS directives.
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Principals Message

The phenomenal technological development in health care demands academic excellence and quality services. In order to reach this ideal goal it is always better to internalize the spirit of our vision. “ In the foot steps of jesus – to touch the humanity with a compassionate heart and bring about wholeness through academic excellence & quality services”. Our mission is to make the vision a reality ..up to the optimum level possible.

We walk on the roads of the world …..In the foot steps of Jesus …….Jesus the wounded healer who walked ahead of us marking the path ……Glorified Jesus who walks with us in our mission journey as living witnesses to the values of justice, love, compassion, truth, peace, joy, reconciliation, freedom, communion, equality. We walk on earth as prophets to the world …… reading the signs of the time and interpreting to see beyond the passing realities of life …. Walk on the roads of the world with the heart of the Good Samaritan, sensitive to the needs of the whole humanity irrespective of caste, creed, and nationality available to all on the way.

→ To touch the humanity with a compassionate heart, a gentle tender touch to all who are in need with compassion and understanding …… a touch at heart level … that will initiate to process of healing.

→ To bring about wholeness …in physical, psychological, social, economical, spiritual, intellectual aspects through high quality, preventive , promotive, curative, restorative & rehabilitative health care services according to the needs of the time by our very presence among the needy by our soothing compassionate touch, make this pilgrimage on earth an opportunity to revitalize the world by a paradigm shift towards wholeness.

→ Ecological imbalance has got a high correlation to health hazards – so as we take up healing as a mission we are called to work for a sustainable world to initiate a change from ego centric to ecocentric and be co creators , re creators - and renew the face of the earth.